We provide our experience with .NET development, competence development and internet domain challenges like DMARC configuration to your organization

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About Us

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Nonsultant is consultant company within IT, but we are not like other consultancies, our consultants (called Nonsultans) live and work by a manifest. We can assist your business with skills with many different aspects, raging from idea facilitation to implementation. We’re operating from Skara in Sweden. A top priority of the company is always to improve the skills and competencies of our Nonsultants.

This is our Manifest

  • 1 Co-operation

    1.1 Nonsultant's co-operate with each other and our customers

  • 2 Customers and partners

    2.1 We treat our customers as partners, and the goal is always long term relationships.
    2.2 Everything will come to an end (in all parts of life), we are open about this and the possibility to the end the partnership at any time.
    2.3 As any partnership, should partnership with Nonsultant's be bidirectional (we help and support each other).

  • 3 Curiosity & knowledge
    3.1 Nonsultant's are inherently curious and they should be encouraged to stay that way! Curiosity leads to innovation which leads to smart solutions.
    3.2 Curiosity and knowledge should be shared. With colleagues, partners, and the general public!
  • 4 Buzzwords
    4.1 Buzzwords == Swearwords. Every time a buzzword is used unnecessarily we put extra story points in a swearjar
  • 5 Productivity
    5.1 Talk is cheap.
    5.2 Fancy presentations in it self does not provide any value, we aim to use time productively instead. Let the solution do the talking, not the colours on the slide.
    5.3 Using more than 15% of week on meetings is a crime and punishable by project extensions. Plan your meetings with Nonsultant's carefully, have agendas and expected outcomes ready.

What we do?

Nonsultant is a company within e-mail security, software development and cloud computing. We are specialized within the Microsoft ecosystem (.NET and Azure). We assist with your agile transformation using SCRUM, XP or DevOps.


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